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Reality, plus Newgrounds equals...

2009-06-17 18:07:02 by PoisonPhantom

With the world falling apart at the seams, it's nice to know that there is solice in this virtually generated mass of entertainment. Used to sidetrack us from the dark and unforgiving reality each of us face when we step away from our beloved Newgrounds. When faced with the world's bland and cruel way, we typically try to go along with it, while instead we should make the world more like Newgrounds. So let us try to make the world a stranger, funnier, and more cheery** place to be. Though, considering what alot of Newgrounds is, we'd probably all end up killing each other or the fabric of our dimension would rip in half and we'd all explode. Regardless of the future repercusions it would be fun for a little while.

*It would also be gorier, scarier, and possibly even more depressing than before!
*Also, proper english we be a forgotten art.


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